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Feender is a website that uses cutting-edge technologies to aggregate international ...  More

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Student Budget Planner

Student Budget Planner app keeps you updated with balance in hand and save the inputs for future ...  More

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Printsasia Bookstrore

Printsasia is a mega online bookstore, where online shopping for books gets most convenient and ...  More

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Durbin: Online Resource Center

Durbin web portal provides students to download free tutorials from online resource center, free ...  More

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Classmint is an interactive study notes service. Classmint aims to make studying easier and ...  More

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It is an Interactive notebook that helps you organize study materials , make flashcards , ...  More

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A4Academics provides a pool of BE Projects,BE Seminars,Project topics and Project ideas for ...  More

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Student’U is a Student Discovery App for enhancing Student Life. Campuses can be big and spread ...  More

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Stuora is the ultimate question and answer website taylored for university students. It is run ...  More

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College Registry

College is expensive--and getting worse. If you're a parent of a baby or young child, you may be ...  More

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