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Plagtracker is a free application that helps people to track plagiarism in their text or ...  More

education freeware startup

Jun 22nd 2012


GradeBox keeps track of all your grades, and allows you to take snapshots of all your work for ...  More

academic software book calendar

May 26th 2012


2Tangos is a service that brings users together to teach each other new skills, and trade ...  More

collaboration communication community

May 16th 2012

Campus Bazar

Campusbazar is a free web application for college students that enables them to buy and sell ...  More

buy buy&sell community

Apr 14th 2012


Our company was founded in 2003 and for more than 8 years we have been delivering high ...  More

academic software education students

Dec 22nd 2011


Shelfster is a free application for writers. It offers you free tools (for Windows, Mac OS, ...  More

academic software android book

Dec 16th 2011


Our mission is to provide students within every community across North America, the best ...  More

education learning students

Dec 14th 2011

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