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a free and simple app to make sure your website is working properly

It's often the simple things that get overlooked when creating a website. You have put your heart and soul into designing your site and have made  sure that it is interesting enough to entertain and inform your viewers. But, none of that is going to be worth much if your site has downtime. With many sites now being completely monetized it is an unfortunate fact that if you aren't online, for one reason or another, you are actually losing money. So it's essential that the final piece of your website creation puzzle is to use a monitor that tells you if there is a problem. We have ...  More

Port Monitor Mar 1st 2013


Dooinwell makes grandparents or any older adult living on their own safer, and helps you make ...  More

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Hitflow is a monitoring solution for freelance developers, web agencies or IT departments of ...  More

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Track your competitors online! Skuuudle is the most accurate competitor price monitoring ...  More

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BlurSPY parental control app is one such app which can come handy during an incident and track ...  More

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2 Steps - Experience Automation

While synthetic monitoring has been around for web-based applications for more than a decade, 2 ...  More

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Little GoGO

Little GoGo is designed to create augmented objects utilizing QR Codes. Using this ...  More

vuforia system parkingdetector is a service for monitoring your cron jobs, batch jobs, scheduled tasks, backup ...  More

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Without any installation, Dareboost offers a comprensive report about your website quality and ...  More

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Ping Chief

Tired of UX unfriendly network monitoring apps ? PingChief monitors servers & software in a ...  More

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