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IT infrastructure management application

Oozyo is a networking management tool that I need! If I could only remember the various passwords and usernames I have for my accounts I'd be a very happy man. What tends to happen is I just click on the forgotten password button and do it that way. It doesn't have to be like that though. Oozyo, among many other things, let's you put all your usernames and passwords securely online so they are available to you wherever there is an Internet connection. Bliss!     Are you always searching for your computer usernames, passwords and valuable client information etcetera? Stop ...  More

Oozyo Oct 20th 2011

Office punctuality made fun

Hey I’m willing to support anything coming out of Nepal and this little app, whilst being touted as a bit of fun, could have the desired effect on those little tinkers who always creep up to their desks a few minutes after everyone else.   More

No one likes to be a sneak and so their little indiscretions often go unreported save for a lot of whingeing in the staff room by the good guys.   More

The Late Jar Aug 4th 2011

Create, Send, archive commission statements to sales teams

Time is money! Anything that can save your precious time by cutting your workload has got to be a great thing. It you are a Customer Relations Manager you need all the help you can get but generally, in small to mid size businesses, there's only one of you. OneClick is a finance and management tool that helps you to edit, organize and manage sales commission statements with ee and simplicity saving you time and money.   OneClick statements by Nirvaha Corporation is an online service that generates reports and statements for sales representatives, management and payroll. Nirvaha has ...  More

OneClick Apr 13th 2011

Manage your Time

Time waits for no man as they say so if you’re business relies on charging for it you’d better make sure you track it accurately.   More

What a tedious job it is though and that very tedium is usually the cause of lost minutes. Those lost minutes turn into hours and before you know it you’re waving goodbye to serious cash.   More

Freckle Oct 1st 2008

Invoicing, billing & web hosting automation.

For the fluent Geordie speakers out there (north east England) you’ll know what I mean when I say the name of this app is about right, it certainly looks ˈcannyˈ enough. For those living south of Hadrians Wall a rough translation of the word would be ˈgoodˈ and defined as ˈhaving pleasant attributesˈ.   More

CannyBill Feb 9th 2009

Executive Dashboards for Google Analytics

Good website owners and managers will keep a constant eye on their online performance. Great ones will find an analytical tool that will transform the confusing stuff into valuable business insights. DashThis! is a business stats management tool for your domain that will create executive dashboards from any Google Analytics account. It delivers a wealth of analytics to help even the most Luddite of business managers make sense of it.   DashThis! Wants to change the way you've been dealing with web analytics. The goal  is to transform confusing analytics into valuable business ...  More

DashThis! Sep 8th 2011

Money Management Made Fun and Easy

There has been plenty of buzz around for some time now about this finance and budgeting site and it’s easy to see why. If you want to cover every possible base and then some more this is the place for you.  More

The basic system is free and can be set up quickly and easily. It also boasts the ability to import and categorize banking activity from thousands of banks automatically. This feature allows the system to quickly show you an overview of where your money goes and is a great way to start setting up a budget plan with goals and limits based on historical transactions and future intentions.   More

moneyStrands May 15th 2009

The Best Way to Monitor Your Stocks

If you merely dabble in the stock market or perhaps take it a bit more seriously than that you too can look like Gordon Gekko with ticking away on your PC.   More

This application gives you a web based stock monitoring system that will relieve you of the tedious task of logging in and doing separate searches for the stocks you hold or the stocks you’re interested in.  More

Quotesentinel Apr 20th 2011

Sharing Made Easy

Don’t let ShareZen’s short description above fool you into thinking that this site is all about sharing the odd meal out with friends or splitting the cost of a group holiday. On no, this is all about the sharing of big ticket assets and overcoming the hassle attached to that if serious organization is lacking.   More

ShareZen Jun 28th 2010

Make sharing fun

As the name implies this site has been developed primarily for use in a shared house or apartment situation where disputes can often arise if some kind of organization isn’t in place. Having said that the site is keen to point out that it can be put to good effect in any situation where groups of people have a shared interest such as a club.  More

Shackmate Apr 13th 2010

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