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Fitness Coaches - keep in sync with your athletic clients and your $$$

At first glance I thought this app, which helps fitness coaches keep in sync with their athletic clients, was a little quirky. The whole thing kicks off not with any coaching schedules or exercise tips but with an overview of the financial health of the business. Think about it for a second though and it makes complete sense, after all, the coach is running a business like anyone else and apart from keeping on top of the workload needs to make sure it’s paying too.  More

Coachulous Nov 30th 2011

This workforce scheduler wins with its level of collaboration

This workforce scheduler does a bit more than just that and with its high collaborative aspect should engage the whole team. From a pure scheduling perspective the app has everything you’ll need to ensure you have the right numbers in the right place at the right time. A weekly view shows exactly who’s down for each shift and as an administrator you can click on individual names to see their available hours per day along with their hourly rate. Any changes or updates to schedules are emailed to all staff involved.  More

SkedX Nov 30th 2011

Make your meetings matter

Wow! If the guy’s behind this one have got their sums right there is a serious amount of cash being paid to people annually for just sitting in meetings. It wouldn’t be such a worry if a high percentage of these meetings actually achieved something but if you’re like me and have attended scores of them in your career you’ll know how unlikely that is.  More

LessMeeting Nov 29th 2011

Sales managers - keep your finger on the pipeline pulse

Spare a thought for those poor sales guys out there trying to hit their targets in an ever competitive market. When it comes to performance monitoring there aren’t many jobs as transparent as selling. You either do deals or you don’t and if you don’t then you’re not performing the task you’re being paid for.  B12 Leads is an app that can make the job even more transparent but as a lead management system it could also have a positive side to it as far as the sales team is concerned. The reason I say this is because as well as tracking leads from start to ...  More

B12leads Nov 29th 2011


Well I knew there would be an app out there for just about everything but I hadn’t banked on chickens! Still, with the whole world now keen to source local produce and worried about food miles this one is certainly trying to do its bit when it comes to egg production and distribution.  More

Eggzy Nov 29th 2011

Online Appointment Booking

If you run a business where appointments are a critical part of its success then you mightwant to have a look at this online booking app.If you don’t have a website then that’s not a problem as every OpenCal account comes witha professionally designed site as part of the deal. If you have an existing site then you cansimply add the online booking system to it and enjoy all of the features.Whether you run a hair salon or spa or perhaps a real estate agency or dental practicethen this app will not only make life a lot easier but will do wonders for the image of yourbusiness ...  More

OpenCal Nov 25th 2011

Expense Reports on Autopilot

This is a good looking app that will take away the pain of expense reporting and all of the tatty paper receipts that go with it. It will also make the life of the approver that much easier whilst at the same time making sure company policy is adhered to.  More

There are a few business expense apps out there in the cloud and this one is up there with them as far as functionality goes. It can also integrate with a lot of other systems such as Quickbooks, FreshBooks and NetSuite.  More

ExpenseCloud Dec 5th 2009

Expense Reporting for the Individual

The Certify expense management app is very comprehensive and should make life a whole lot easier for both the guy out on the road and the poor bean counter back at the office.   More

Anyone who has had the pleasure of being a sales guy will know only too well how their car can quickly resemble a trash can with receipts for just about everything stuffed in any available space. The poor bean counter will also shudder at the thought of all those spread sheets coming in at the end of a month with crumpled and torn scraps of paper stapled to them. Then of course there are the missing ones as well!  More

Certify Oct 14th 2009

The best way to manage your TV Shows

It has now got to the point with TV shows and series that the quality you get with them is at least as good as their Hollywood cousins. With the likes of Dexter, Deadwood, Band Of Brothers, Lost, Boardwalk Empire, Carnivale and The Sopranos TV has gone to a different level. And in our busy lives it can be difficult to know which episode you are up to when you are watching up to ten different series at a time. MyTVShows is a free movie and tv management tool for the iPhone that helps you organize your TV watching so you can keep track of the episodes you have watched and which one's you ...  More

MyTVShows Aug 18th 2009

Really simple online expense tracking.

For people constantly on the move it’s not always easy to keep track of every penny spent. Those coffees and donuts can add up though and if you happen to be spending them in the course of running a business you really should be accounting for them.  More

Texthog is a good looking app that lets you record every expense right at the very time it occurs meaning you’re not at the mercy of lost receipts. Besides, you can take a photo of them and always have them available for any IRS requirements.   More

TextHog Apr 1st 2009

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