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Simple Allowances for Kids

If you’re a parent of young kids and you fancy a crack at being a virtual banker then you should give this one a go. Let’s face it you couldn’t do any worse than the bunch of real ones running the worlds finances at the moment!   More

As the bank of Mom and Dad you can use Zefty not only to organize the kid’s allowances but to get them on the road to learning about depositing money and saving for those things they always seem to want immediately.   More

Zefty May 26th 2008

Get intentional with your money!

I share some of the views expressed in this apps sales pitch wherein they extoll the virtues of looking forward rather than back in an effort to control your expenditure. Having said that if you want to avoid financial black holes it is sometimes a good idea to look back and see how you screwed things up before.   More

BudgetSketch Jun 16th 2009

Find out where your money goes

Simple by name and simple by nature, I like both the look of this app and the principles behind it. On top of that, and especially as there are now a large number of households staring down the barrel of unmanageable debt, I’m lifted by the fact that there is something available to help the ordinary guy in the street to get a serious grip of his finances.  More

BudgetSimple May 12th 2009

Personal finance software for budgeting and expense management.

Here’s a budget and expenses planner that looks real easy to use and understand. What’s more, according to the site it’s now tracking $2.78 billion in over 18 million transactions so it must be doing something right.   More

Like others of its type it allows you to automatically download bank account transactions only in this case your private information can be stored on your local computer rather than on Buxfer’s server. It goes without saying that you can automatically import these transactions in cases where the app doesn’t support automatic ones from a particular bank.   More

Buxfer Feb 7th 2009

Financial Tools for Friends, Family, Business, Charity, Organizations

They say variety is the spice of life and this site sure has plenty of that. Far more in fact than a review of this size can do proper justice to but hopefully what it will do is give you a clearer idea of just what is available within.  More

As the name suggests money is the subject here and more to the point borrowing and lending it. There are plenty of sites out there that offer some of the components available here but generally only on a single product basis. With ZimpleMoney you can arrange loans such as family & friend, non-profit & micro loans and even real estate and small business start- up loans.   More

ZimpleMoney Feb 4th 2009

Track Spending

Here’s a very simple looking expense tracker. It’s so simple looking in fact that I get the impression that it’s a work in progress. This assumption is made not only by its simplicity (which is no bad thing in itself) but by the lack of any meaningful home page and a plaintive call for ideas and suggestions for making it better.   More

Spending Diary Jan 5th 2009

Share debts and expenses with friends

This is an interesting expenses track and share app that has obviously added a few extras since it launched. With a focus clearly on groups of people linked by a financial activity the site contains many tools that should make life a lot easier to organize.  More

There are more than a few apps out there aimed at making the nightmare of flat sharing more manageable and Scred can certainly be used in this capacity. Expenses can be logged and shared amongst flat mates and even paid via PayPal with this system. Flat sharing is just one of the situations that can be handled though.   More

Scred Mar 10th 2008

Checkbook balancing made easy

If you’re really serious about keeping track of your spending and budgeting for the future as well then this app will certainly help you stick to the straight and narrow. It looks great too.  More

I love the main dashboard where every aspect of your account is summarized in a clear and easy to understand format. If it’s not clear enough for you then it’s a breeze to change the look by minimalizing some of the charts or just dragging and dropping them around so they’re in the position you prefer. At the end of the day it’s what’s important for you to see that matters.  More

ClearCheckbook Sep 1st 2007

The easiest way to keep track of your bills

Snappy name, snappy looking app, this expense tracker has all of the functions you’d expect to get those bills organized. What’s more if you happen to be in a house-share situation you need never have those monthly rent debates again.  More

Loading bills is a breeze and the very clear dashboard gives you access to your bill information in a variety of ways through clearly headed sections. Your first glance at the screen will show you a list of bills for any time period you choose and those listed are colour coded so that you can easily see which ones are pressing and those giving you a little more breathing space.   More

billQ Jun 21st 2007

Share Documents Live. Get Minutes Worth Keeping.

Web conferencing. It can be a minefield. In an ideal world it would be simple. All you really want to do is to get your information across with the minimum of fuss and bother and then get a report back detailing the events and people involved. What you generally get is a pricey service that requires you to hand over your credit card details and they probably want to sign you up to a long term contract too. LiveMinutes is a free webconferencing business management tool that's geared towards the user and let's you share and annotate documents with your team or client wherever they may be ...  More

LiveMinutes Oct 6th 2011

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