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The email strikes back

There are so many ways of contacting people online these days that the humble email has taken a bit of a battering. SMS, social networks and shared app technology all have their places in the online world but there are times when nothing is good as the simple email - as dull as it may be it does have the ability to send immediate messages and photos and documents quite efficiently. Sigwich is a free email marketing application and signature provider that turns your dull email marketing campaign into a thoroughly professional and eye-catching presentation that encourages your customers to ...  More

Sigwich Mar 31st 2012

Check your emails without opening your inbox

Why on earth, you might say, would you want to get an email address for your mobile phone? MailBliss is an email application for smartphones that enables you to receive emails as a text message without the need for a data plan. It also allows you to leave your regular email and phone number free while still receiving emails important information via an anonymous SMS email address so you can freely text and communicate with others.   MailBliss is an email service that allows you to get an email address for your phone. Any emails sent to your new mailbliss email address will be ...  More

MailBliss Mar 20th 2012

Make your company seem bigger with multiple customized email addresses

It's all about smoke and mirrors when it comes to the image you want your company to present to the general public. You want to present an image of a multifaceted organization with people in all departments. There's the sales account, support and accounts, of course. Little do they know that there is just two of you running everything. MailQuatro lets you create multiple email addresses customized to your company that make you appear to be a well oiled machine - whether you are or not.  More

MailQuatro Jan 21st 2012

Diary keeping made even simpler

mailDiary is a rather unique way of keeping your diary up to date everyday. Rather than you having to remember to reach for your diary each day, mailDiary will send you an email to remind you. All you have to do is to respond to that email with your new experiences and future memories by email and your diary will be filled in for you with the minimum of fuss and bother. mailDiary is a calendar and email application that aims to put a little structure back into your diary keeping.  More

mailDiary Jan 15th 2012

It's like having a personal assistant in your email

If your email inbox is anything like mine is it will be half organized. I mean to have everything compartmentalized and neat and prioritized but, unfortunately, I often run out of time and it never gets finished. What I really need is a personal assistant to sort everything out. And that is where Contactually comes in very handy. This customer relations management (crm) tool for your email increases your productivity by prioritizing your contacts and prompting you to automatically reconnect with your most important contacts at the right time   Contactually is about bringing business ...  More

Contactually Dec 15th 2011

A thermometer that won't make your eyes water - customer satisfaction

Anything that cuts out those long winded customer satisfaction surveys has to be a good thing. This app aims to make the procedure more acceptable to customers which at the same time should ensure the collection of more accurate response data.In fact it could ensure the collection of a great deal more response data than traditional methods that often requires the poor old customer to spend valuable time answering endless questions and adding unnecessary comments.As the name suggests this app aims to help you gauge whether your customers are feeling warm towards you ...  More

Customer Thermometer Nov 26th 2011

Automatically remind your customers by SMS or Email

This is a simple little app that could help businesses of all shapes stay firmly in the minds of valuable customers. The alerts generated by the system don’t even have to carry a selling message as they can simply be important reminders from say an accountancy firm that needs to alert clients about tax or company return deadlines. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS and they can all be customized to carry your businesses logo, other images and text content. From the forms page you can create your required alert for a particular customer and then schedule when you want it to ...  More

Alertful for Business Nov 26th 2011

Turn every email into a marketing tool

This looks like a great little marketing tool and is based on the theory that businessesprobably miss out on a lot of opportunities to get their message across on a number ofoccasions throughout a working day.Why? Because every email sent presents a platform to get a message across and withWrapMail you can now ensure that recipients see a whole lot more than just the originalmessage you sent them.It’s a simple concept. By signing up your emails will be re-routed through a WrapMail hostedserver. Enterprise customers can of course host it themselves. Staff sending emails need donothing ...  More

WrapMail Nov 25th 2011

E-Mail Tracking, Analytics and Templating

When it comes to starting a business it’s hard enough to find the time to get all the ducks in line before it launches let alone after. Throughout all of this activity the one thing you must continue to do is spread the word and market, market, market!  More

Of course these days the use of email is ever increasing but even that can be time consuming with a long list of recipients basically getting the same message. The other issue of course is once you’ve hit send a hundred times how do you know who’s read it and for those that have how does the response stack up to previous efforts?  More

Toutapp Jun 23rd 2011

Don't be the last to know

Why is it that sometimes you are the last to know when your email account has been hacked. Your ISP knows, the people that hacked your account know and it seems some Indian guy that keeps calling me up also knows that my computer has been compromised. Lucky for me he's just in the next town as opposed to being in Hyderabad where he sounds like he's calling from. The eponymously titled MyEmailHacked is precisely that. It's a very simple service that tracks and monitors your email account for suspicious activities and let's you know via your phone immediately if it finds anything iffy. ...  More

MyEmailHacked Oct 20th 2011

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