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Create the biggest wish list and you'll never get socks and undies as gifts ever again

Buying gifts for people these days is getting harder and harder. Gone are the days when you could simply nip down to the shopping center to pick up a birthday present and buy with confidence. Unless we are totally tuned in to our family and friends there's a pretty good chance we will buy the wrong garment, the wrong shade of eye shadow or the wrong Jo Nesbo novel. There are so many choices out there and we are such long-term consumers that it's never been quite as difficult to buy the exact perfect present as it is these days.  More

Wishfinity Oct 2nd 2019

High quality performance management to oversee your team and keep projects on track

When you run a business with multiple employees it can be very challenging to keep track of just what everyone is up to. Our workers are the ones that get the day to day work done and they're also the ones that forge good relationships with clients. They also have the ability to help increase our bottom line and profitability. But it would be a pretty diligent manager who could tell at a glance whether Amy is struggling to keep up with her workload or whether Jamal is powering on. So, for good sized teams, it's becoming more and more essential to have a performance management app to ...  More

AssessTEAM Sep 26th 2019

A photography community where you can display your work, learn skills and be inspired

A good photo has the ability to draw an amazing amount of emotional response from many people. We might not be able to put our fingers on exactly what it is that delivers such a pleasurable reaction but there's little doubt it's there - front and center. Years back, we could cite the quality of the equipment that we used to get that eye-popping shot. However, the quality of cameras these days is astonishing whether you are using a stand-alone camera or the camera on your smartphone. So, one has to assume that it's more about skill, technique and great composition than about superior ...  More

viewbug - photography Sep 6th 2019

Cant make up your mind between this and that? PeepAdvice will help you come to a decision.

Some of us just can't seem to make up our minds, can we?. For some reason, we need the thumbs up from our peers to make a decision whether it's what we should wear, what to buy, where to go or what to eat. We're a strange lot. But that's where an app like this one could prove useful. Contrary to its name, PeepAdvice is not a secret spying app. It's a new free and fun app for iOS where we can either seek the opinions of our peers - on any number of subjects - or offer advice to others as to what they should do if they are in a quandary themselves. All with just the click of a button.  More

PeepAdvice - This or That App Aug 20th 2019

The easiest and cleanest way to turn website lists into business opportunities

Now, if I asked most people what is meant by 'online web scraping,' I'm guessing that most would have to Google up the phrase to understand exactly what it's all about. For those of you who aren't sure, I'll tell you now. In simple terms, web scraping (also known as web harvesting or web data extraction) is the art of extracting bulk data from websites. While it can be done manually, the most efficient method is to use an automated process to copy the information. The concept of the web scraper online involves the mass copying and consequent retrieval of data from websites to your database ...  More Jul 17th 2019

Use WordPress to create your website and Labinator for thousands of themes and plugins

Considering that we think of ourselves as a reasonably tech savvy race, I find it quite amazing that over half of all small businesses don't have a website attached to their organization. When quizzed, it seems that a great many of these companies consider a website to be too expensive to set up and too complicated to take on. And, to be quite honest, they're probably dead right. A traditional HTML website could cost you thousands of dollars to set up and run. What's more, unless you're prepared to get into a bit of coding, you'll have to get in touch with your web designer every time you ...  More

Labinator WordPress Marketplace Jul 15th 2019

The best prices on European weekend getaway flights

One of the great advantages of living in Europe is that you are just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world. So much so that you can jump on a plane for a quick weekend getaway whenever you like and it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg to do it. With a trip lasting just a few hours you can leave your office on a Thursday or Friday afternoon and be checked into a hotel and out for dining in Paris, Barcelona, Prague or Rome at a reasonable time the same night. What's more, if you have the right connections, you can get some amazing ...  More

Jetcheater Jul 9th 2019

An online bank that's perfect for small business, sole traders and freelancers

Do you remember those heady days when the main people that our banks existed for were the people who invested in it - regular folks like you and me? It wasn't so long ago. The thing that kept banks in the business of banking back then were the small and medium sized businesses and mums and dads. It was their regular injections of cash that forged the great banks as we know them today. Unfortunately, the whole emphasis changed when big companies started to throw their weight around and shareholders became the major priorities of the banking world. In fact, the last few years have been a bit ...  More

NorthOne Jul 2nd 2019

Automate and personalize your email campaigns and create new leads while you get on with your work

If you're concerned that your email campaigns aren't having quite as much effect as they could do, you should probably pay some attention to this app review. The fact is, email recipients are pretty blaze these days when it comes to email campaigns. You see, they get so many messages in their inboxes that they can quite easily gloss over a regular email whether it's a message from you advertising your services or one from a Nigerian Prince offering to share his wealth. When they are personalized, however, it's a completely different ballgame. When you see an email with your name on it, the ...  More

QuickMail Jun 26th 2019

You'll find the best restaurant menus from all over North America right here

Have you ever watched one of those cooking shows like Anthony Bourdain on TV and seen him served an amazing delicacy that you've never heard of or seen before? He's probably in some tiny bar high up in the hills of Vietnam or somewhere like that and it's a local chef cooking up something delicious for him. The dish looks absolutely amazing and Tony is going into raptures about it. Boy, you would love to try it. You'd try to create it yourself but you don't think you have the skills and it might be a little difficult to find the ingredients in your local 'hood. The next best thing is to ...  More

Sirved Jun 25th 2019

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