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Polarize your web time with things you love

Despite the fact that our computers are loaded up with heaps of services we've set up over time, the truth is, we really only use a few of them regularly. kaanzi is a search and organize application that allows us to polarize the things we view on a regular basis. It's a command shell that optimizes web time by gearing your Internet time to the things you like most whether it be email, the weather, your favorite sporting team or the latest YouTube sensation.   The idea of kaanzi is to access and utilize services across the web through a command shell. Many quality services crowd up ...  More

kaanzi - The Web Command Prompt Mar 17th 2012

Project management that sees the big picture

The thing that makes 100efforts different from so many other productivity and project management tools is it's ability to give you a look at the big picture. It's speciality is dealing with requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation and it's object is to make them easier to deal with and simpler to analyze and act on.  This suite of collaborative tools excels in comparing your estimated work load with expert estimation and what happens in the real world.   100efforts makes working together on requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation easier. It helps you to ...  More

100efforts Mar 9th 2012

Viagra for your tweets - when 140 characters just isn't enough

Some think the 140 character limit to your Twitter tweets is too many characters while there are others who want to pontificate until the cows come home. You can't please all the people all the time. Given some of the inane ramblings of some tweeters it is probably a blessing in disguise that there is a limit but sometimes you just can't get your story across in that small amount of words and that's where Twishort comes in handy. This Twitter and blog tool let's you get your message up with a link for your avid readers to follow to read the whole story.   Twishort is a service that ...  More

Twishort Feb 17th 2012

Enhance your road trip experience

LocAlerts is a damned good geolocation based reminder board that would be absolutely brilliant for a road trip or a holiday away. Keep this search and reminder tool on your iPad or your iPhone and it will give you the perfect way to research your trip as well as giving you the ability to add stuff as you go.  So its easy to note down a virtual to-do list before you go and add details like addresses and phone numbers of friends and sights and any other stuff that you need to make a note of along the way. And hey, if you really wanna get fancy, you can use the audio pack which provides ...  More

LocAlerts Feb 16th 2012

Build your own shopping cart fast

How would you like to build an shopping site in a flash with a fully functioning shopping cart? iKomee is a no programming ecommerce and web design application that provides over 150 tools to build a product inventory and shopping cart that works across all currencies, accomodating multiple payment methods, shipping precedures, a great search engine and as a complete management system to run it. What's more, you don't need any great design skills to put it together and you can be up and running the same day.   iKomee is an ecommerce website builder which has unique click and build ...  More

iKomee Feb 14th 2012

The fast way to get things done

Are you one of those people who relies on your memory to remember stuff or are your pockets full of bits of paper with things written all over them? The GTD in GTDfaster is short for Getting Things Done and this productivity tool is the full free version of the popular organization iPhone application. It encourages you to note your thoughts onto your iphone rather than try to remember everything or fill your pockets with bits of paper   This is the free full version of the popular iPhone productivity and to-do-list tool - the only difference being that this version is ad supported. It ...  More

GTDfaster FREE Feb 11th 2012

Monitor your website from wherever you are

Wupbox solves the problem of how you keep track of what's happening with your website as you travel the globe. Whether you are off on holiday or travel the world as part of your business you still need to know that your website or startup is working effectively and Wupbox allows you to monitor everything you need to know and get notifications if things are running slow or a problem is detected.   Wupbox is a set of  networking and communication tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your website from different specific locations in the world and make sure that everything is ...  More

Wupbox Feb 10th 2012

Start up a PR campaign for your startup

There is a temptation to think that once you've developed your startup that most of the work is done. Sadly, of course, that's not true if you want to get the best out of all your earlier hard work. AwareLab was designed by startup professionals and guides you through a check list of PR and marketing tasks to launch your campaign to take your pet project to its prelaunch at optimum level.   AwareLabs is a PR task list assembled to help guide startups through the initial phases of launching a campaign. Most startups don't know how to make the transition from development to PR and ...  More

AwareLabs Feb 5th 2012

Shaken...not stirred...

I can see this one providing endless hours of fun and endless hours of hangovers starting the day after the party. It’s also probably a good idea for this post-Christmas time of year when most of us have got a load of half-drunk bottles of all sorts sitting in our cupboards. That bottle of sweet vermouth for example that you had to get in for Auntie Betty or the sherry your mum likes but only ever has one glass of is often redundant once the festivities are over but with Bartender you can get mixing!  More

BartenderApp Jan 26th 2012

A reminder tool you will use every day

We rely on our memory so much, don't we? But between our work life and our leisure time there are just so many things to remember yet we admonish ourselves when we forget a birthday or forget to pay a bill on time and incur a penalty fee. So why put yourself through it when there are productivity tools like ReminderGuru available to remember for you. But this one doesn't just remember - it will send you an email or an SMS to remind you to buy that present for your Auntie Doris or pay that Amex bill on time.   Reminders are a necessity solution to successfully navigating today's ...  More

ReminderGuru Jan 23rd 2012

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