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Get the right lawyer

"Better get a lawyer, son" - that's how the song goes, isn't it? Well, it's easy enough to get a lawyer alright but not so easy to get the RIGHT lawyer for you. One with the right knowledge and expertise on the case you have for them not to mention one that suits your budget. RFPattorney is a legal marketplace application that's similar to other legal apps like the recently reviewed Quigal. By utilizing the power of the Internet and social media it provides a new of connecting practicing lawyers with potential clients making it a win-win situation for all concerned.  More

RFPattorney Jan 20th 2012

All your business analysis in one location

It is said that many businesses spend up to 80% of their time collecting and analyzing data and creating reports. While this is an admirable trait as it's essential to know what your customers want and how well your business is running, 80% is a ridiculous amount of time to spend on it when that time could be used making business decisions rather than overanalyzing them. Cyfe is a web-based business and analytical set of tools that helps you bring all your business metrics into one single location.   What impact can an 80% loss in performance have on your business? Cyfe has developed ...  More

Cyfe Jan 19th 2012

More soon after New Year's Eve!

Now come on! Does anybody seriously collect beer? The whole notion of someone actually collecting beer sums up an image of a guy opening the fridge or cupboard door, staring admiringly at the bottles (and maybe even stroking a few) before closing it again still thirsty. In the loosest sense of the term I suppose that I am collector of beer but in the Homer Simpson mould. I collect a slab on a weekly basis and would you believe it I have to collect another load a week later!  More

BrewFridge Jan 19th 2012

One for the wine buffs...

If you’re made of the sort of money that allows you to keep 500+ bottles of wine in your cellar then $49 a year for this site’s premium plan will seem like a spit in the ocean. I can usually manage to rack up about 30 bottles pre-Christmas, however, they never seem to make it much past New Year’s Eve and although I’ve often thought about keeping the labels in a scrapbook of the one’s I like it’s always something someone else does. Anyway if wine’s your passion, as a collector as well as a guzzler I might add, then this one just might ...  More

My Wine Assistant Jan 19th 2012

200,000+ wallpapers for your desktop

Wallpoper, not wallpaper! There must have been a reason but herein lies a design tool for your desktop,  mobile device or iPad that delivers background wallpaper...but it's called Wallpoper. Any ideas anyone? No, me neither. Still, this rather attractive looking design and search tool does precisely what it says it's going to do. And that's to deliver high quality and interesting photos and designs that you can use to decorate your online backgrounds.   If you are looking for free wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device then Wallpoper is a good place to start. They simply ...  More

wallpoper Jan 18th 2012

Cyber fridge...

Sorry for the pun but I’m afraid this  one leaves me a bit cold (Ed - there goes another rib...).  What’s funny is that a lot of apps promote their ability to help you cut down on clutter such as scraps of paper and Post-It notes whereas this one actively encourages you to recreate the same squalid looking mess  on your PC rather than stuck to your fridge door. If you’re a Facebook user you can create an account and set up your own efridge and what’s more you can post notes on any Facebook user’s efridge. Just why you’d want to ...  More

efridge Jan 16th 2012

How do you get a bank to smile? Simple...

This one looks like someone has finally convinced the banking fraternity that their best bet for future success is to completely disappear into the background and leave the sticky matter of customer service to people who actually give a damn! Let’s face it the reputations of most banks are currently shot to bits. It’s not just that they’ve made our lives a financial misery through years of imprudent lending but generally they’ve gone about it whilst being rude and unhelpful at the same time.  More

Simple Jan 16th 2012

Create random and safe passwords

How many times do you hear the phrase "I've got so many different passwords for accounts that I can barely remember which one is which?" There's the computer account, the iTunes, my online banking and so many more I can't remember them all myself now...oh yeah's never ending. What might be really sensible is to have one that is so obscure no one would ever guess it. Passcreator is a password create tool that automatically creates a password for you incorporating as many selection options as you could possibly want. That should keep the bank quiet for a while.  More

Passcreator Jan 13th 2012

Reminder tool for home or work

Let's not fool ourselves here - we all forget things from time to time. Dont worry, it's not necessarily the onset of Alzheimer's. The fact is, we fill up our lives with so much information that it would be virtually impossible to remember everything. If you watch sporting coaches you will notice that they always have a notepad or a clipboard in their hand because even the smallest piece of information could be vital. Well, I'm not suggesting you rush out and buy a clipboard but there is a more modern way to keep up with the multitude of information coming your way. Remindeo is a free ...  More

Remindeo Jan 12th 2012

Color information for web designers

If you are a web designer or work in digital colors on the Internet this design tool will be a big help to you when attempting to match one color to it's exact equivalent in a different format. You could say a green is a green but there are so many shadings and nuances of green, of course, that picking one in a different format by eye is not the easiest thing in the word - especially if your client has based their whole advertising campaign around that color and you've come up with what looks like the right shade. Without using a color design tool like Color Hexa your incorrect color is ...  More

Color Hexa Jan 12th 2012

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