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Things to do before you die

You must all have seen that Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie called "The Bucket List" where a couple of guys decide to fulfill a whole bunch of things they've always wanted to do before they shuffle off this mortal coil? My Bucket List is a free social and travel application that gives you the opportunity to list up all of your wishes and desires before you fritter your life away and end up with a whole load of unfulfilled dreams at the end of it.   With My Bucket List you can create your own list of life goals as well as inviting  your friends to participate and help each ...  More

My Bucket List Feb 8th 2012

Take your travel advice with you

It's more important than ever now to be totally up to date on what's going on in the countries you visit when holiday planning. There are many things you need to look at to protect yourselves as well as your wallets. In so many cases an overseas holiday is a major investment of time as well as money. Is the place you are visiting safe from terrorist or criminal activity? Does it have any imminent health warnings? Is there a possibility of transport delays? These are all things you need to know and TripSentry provides all the up-to-date information that you need.   Getting good and ...  More

TripSentry Jan 11th 2012

Intelligent global hotel searching

The way we choose the hotels we stay in around the world is definitely changing with the technology that's available these days. Up until now it's been a case of trawling through sites and comparing prices and locations for your given destination. HotelMaps is a simple to use travel and map app that changes things somewhat by delivering an informative overview of the best accommodation available in your desired location and with room prices at your fingertips.   Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure this year, location will be a key factor in choosing a hotel. Is the ...  More Dec 31st 2011

Detailed data and analysis for holiday professionals

If you are in the travel business you have a lot of responsibility in handling people's holiday needs. For a start you are dealing with many of your customers' one holiday of the year and I can guarantee if you mess it up they will never use your services again. And you know what they say...for every person that complains there are six others that don't complain to you - they just tell their friends. It's also important for you to be able to access the best and most reliable information and deals from your holiday suppliers. Dataswell is a finance and travel app for travel professionals ...  More

DataSwell Dec 16th 2011

There's plenty to love - self-guided tour itineraries for 50+ cities

If you've traveled a fair bit you'll know that the best way to discover a new city is to talk to local people. There's no better way to come to grips with a city that to discover it's underbelly and to go where the locals go and not so much where the tourists go. Unanchor is a travel and social app that was developed after a year long trip through Asia and much ploughing through Lonely Planet guides to find the more interesting side of a city that isn't normally seen by travelers. It features detailed guides written by locals and seasoned travelers who have logged their day-to-day ...  More

Unanchor Dec 8th 2011

Show Your City

It's fairly easy to get access to information about pretty well any city you'd like to know about. The restaurants! The nightlife! The sights! They are all easy to discover whether it be with a tourist guide or an Internet site. But how do you discover the REAL heart of the place? SideTour is full of interesting and exciting people extolling the virtues of their neighborhood through the many different areas of expertise that they have a passion for.   The world is full of vibrant and creative people – artists, actors, chefs, sommeliers, educators, students, explorers, ...  More

SideTour Nov 11th 2011

Explore our world and share yours

There are lots of travel guides and tourist books around but they’re generally written by expert writers or a country’s own tourist board so to get the views of ordinary people who have been there as well as people who live there gives a great personal insight.   More

With anyone can become a guide and by registering you can share your knowledge of not just your local area but of any of the places you’ve been in the world. The site is easy to navigate and all the countries of the world are listed regardless of whether there is an entry for them.   More

Thegoodguide Jul 10th 2011

Does that place have bedbugs? Check or report here!

I must be one of the luckiest people around. I’ve travelled a bit both for business and pleasure purposes but I’ve never had the misfortune to be eaten alive by bedbugs! I’m not quite sure what the people behind this site hope to achieve but I suppose they are providing a public service of some kind. Having said that I do think their mission to "report and follow bedbug information around the world" could be just slightly bordering on the over ambitious. There are a number of ways of interpreting the activity (or lack of it) on the site and some are good and ...  More

Has Bed Bugs Jan 4th 2011

The Off the Beaten Track travel Database

If you love travelling but don’t want to join the usual crowds jostling to see the famous landmarks and attractions of the world then this site can provide a whole host of places you won’t find in the brochures.   More

Billed as the guide for alternative travel and off the beaten track locations, contains a good number of contributions from passionate travellers keen to pass on their experience and knowledge.   More

ExploGuide Dec 8th 2010

Takes the hassle out of travel planning

In this day and age with the internet being what it is planning a trip is certainly a lot easier. Gone are the days when you either bought all the guide books yourself or borrowed them from a library. All you need to do now is tap in the destination and a whole mine of information is revealed.  More

Plnnr Nov 19th 2010

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