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Accommodations Redefined

Now this is a brilliant and very useful idea for travelers looking for cheaper accommodation when visiting cities around the world. Crash My Pad provides a free community rental marketplace where members can list and rent out their vacation properties and private rooms for other members to utilize. It also provides a safe e-commerce environment which allows the guest to pay in a very secure fashion. There are so many unique places to stay around the world with great locations & privacy, personal touches tons of amenities. If you need a place to crash just enter your destination, ...  More

Crash My Pad Aug 25th 2011

Freddy - Play, Tour, Learn

Freddy is a travel game that makes you discover a city by playing games and winning points. We ...  More

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The MyPostcard app is your go-to postcard app for sending personalized postcards to friends and ...  More

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It's late, you have just found yourself staying in a foreign land for a night with no idea where ...  More

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iBucket is a social bucket list that helps users organize, prepare and accomplish their short ...  More

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LALA London

LALA London is a digital travel guide designed for the London visitor. Its main purpose is ...  More

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Book luxury vacation homes in Israel with the Holidator app. Save your favourite villas and ...  More

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Ecolane's mobile app, built from the ground up, meets and exceeds those expectations and is a ...  More

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If you enjoy European euro-weekends (trips to foreign city usually from Friday to Sunday), ...  More

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Bacterio is a game where you take care of your own bacteria. As every bacteria, it needs to ...  More

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