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Record and interpret your dreams as you type

It's kinda rare for me to remember my dreams at night past that first ten minutes when I wake up in the morning. It seems so vivid at first but then it just seems to disappear as your mind grasps for more... like smoke in a breeze. I do remember a particular one recently where I was booking into an elevated hotel in the mountains of Nepal with a friend and my two cats. The fact that the friend was the girlfriend of a good friend of mine just made it more complicated - but, that's another story. They say that all of our dreams mean something and there are countless books and apps out there ...  More

DreamTagTell Apr 27th 2014

A new, easy and provocative way of writing a personal diary or journal

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp posted recently for an app called BooksTo.Me. In it, it was mentioned how posting daily Instagram photos has become the new diary for many people and how it was a convenient way of documenting your life. The diary concept has all but disappeared for many these days, but with so many popular online versions available as well as the plethora of personal blogs and journals, it’s obvious that many have a hankering to document their daily activities. But anyone who writes on a daily basis will know that the hardest sentence to write is the very ...  More

Askt App Apr 26th 2014

Replace your mom's photo albums with a beautiful online version

We are always keen to hear about new and unusual travel apps here at the FeedMyApp offices. It must be something to do with our globe trotting habits. Swemos is a photo journal application for iOS that provides a very usable place to keep all your treasured photos and memories of a vacation trip in the same way that our parents used to keep travel albums many years back. The big difference between then and now, of course, is that you don't have to keep your photo book in a cupboard till someone comes over to visit. With Swemos, it's simple to turn your photos into great looking ...  More

Swemos Apr 1st 2013

Collect all your dreams

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning? Personally, I only remember the basic details of my dreams these days and even then, it is only for the first few minutes after climb out of bed. It must be something to do with this futon I'm sleeping on. When people ask me if i remember them I find it annoying that I hadn't had the foresight to write them down. After all, you know what they say - the answer to all of life's problems lie within your dreams.  Many think they play a vital role in not only a mental but also our spiritual lives. Dreamkeeper is a new journal ...  More

DreamKeeper Jan 8th 2013

The social journal just got a major update and a price drop!

A few months ago FeedMyApp reviewed a rather unique journal app called Roller Journal. What we liked about it most about the app was its ability to give the writer some great ideas of things to write about. Add that to its social side and we could see a bright future for the app. Now they have released an end of year update with two new question packs and, in a gesture of Christmas cheer, have halved the price to under a dollar for a limited time. This social journal for iPhone that has aspirations to be the next Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is the journal that guides you by asking ...  More

Roller Journal Dec 20th 2012

Put all your social networks into one Timeline

Now that we have got used to Facebook's Timeline it's not so bad after all - except for the annoying sponsored adverts, of course. It's actually quite neat to have your life broken down into the years that you've been a member and lots of fun to see what you were doing this time last year. It might be nice if your other social networks offered a similar service. Everyday Timeline will gather all your entries from all your social networks and put them into a Timeline for you and that includes all your photos, videos, maps, calendars, tags and searches all under one roof.   Everyday ...  More

Everyday Timeline Dec 5th 2012

Dearly beloved, its a social place to pray

InviteToPray is one of the only religion oriented applications we here at the FeedMyApp offices have had the pleasure of reviewing. Considering the amount of God fearing individuals there are in the world this comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be more but, as it stands, this app for offering prayers is all we have right now. But don't think thats all this surprisingly interesting app has going for it because it is filled with extra features including privacy controls, prayer requests by you and for you and there's even a journal to write down ...  More

InviteToPray Sep 5th 2012

A beautiful journal for your words, photos and videos

Whatever happened to the daily diary? It used to be fantastic to read through someone's (or your own) daily journals many years later and discovering the way life was back then. Journalized is a journal application for iOS that fulfills the three basic elements of an online journal diary. Somewhere to write your thoughts each day, somewhere to put your photographic memories and somewhere to put your videos of precious moments and events. But that's not all. This free app also features a library for photos and videos, a calendar and a multimedia browser to make it easier to control ...  More

Journalized Jun 30th 2012

A travel blog thats Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all rolled into one

HipGeo is a travel journal and blog application that was given the accolade of "Most Promising Travel Tech for 2012" by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Now when I saw this award given my eyes lit up because, let's face it, the world can't have too many travel apps. So how did Hip Geo grab the headlines? By providing a great looking free trip journal and travel diary which keeps all your useful travel information in one place - on your smartphone.   You will find plenty of great travel blogs and guides reviewed in FeedMyApp with apps like Tripl, Exploguide and Know What ...  More

HipGeo May 6th 2012

Lest we forget...

It seems appropriate on this rather sombre day in Australasia's history to remember and celebrate the lives of those that aren't with us anymore. Mytribute is a free memorial journal application that provides a place to leave a tribute to the famous and not so famous by creating a beautiful and respectful tribute page with special words and pictures.   Mytribute is a virtual memorial site that allows friends and relatives to create a beautiful, lasting tribute page for their lost loved ones. While there are plenty of ways to honor the fallen or more high profile passings there are ...  More Apr 25th 2012

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