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See where you are going when typing and messaging

How many times have you tripped up or bumped into someone or something while walking and typing a message or SMS? Come on, admit it, you've done it plenty of times - right? Walk Type Share is a unique messaging application for your iDevices that lets you type your message while still being able to see where you are going with the aid of your inbuilt camera. The live camera and transparent keyboard mean you will never again embarrass yourself by bumping into that grouchy bloke when texting in your lunch break.   WalkTypeShare is a messaging app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which ...  More

Walk Type Share Jun 9th 2012

Its a celebrity Twitter photo fest

A picture says a thousand words is how the epithet goes but, in Twitter's case, you would have to reduce it to 140 characters or less, of course. Jellibug is a photo application that gathers all the pictures that celebrities of all types post on their Twitter accounts and presents them all for you to view. So now you don't have to rush out and buy that gossip magazine that you really only buy because of the pictures anyway.   Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Jenna Marbles, Tori Spelling,  Kristen Bell,  Christiano Ronaldo or Shaun White..they are all here. Whether it is ...  More

Jellibug May 24th 2012

Edit your Facebook feeds to just the good stuff

Despite the fact that your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers' lists just keep growing the chances are that you really only react to the people closest in your group. While having hundreds of friends looks pretty good on paper, it's getting harder and harder to scroll through all the updates and photos which come from everyone from your closest friends to your Auntie Doris - who has just discovered social networking and is sharing her knitting patterns. Le Feed is a Facebook application with an intuitive and intelligent algorithm that sorts out the stuff you want to see from the ...  More

LeFeed - Organizes News Feeds and Recommends New Stuff Apr 27th 2012

Geolocate and map your tweeting friends is a localized geolocation app for Android, iPad and iPhone that attempts to take your Twitter account to a different level. It focuses tweets emanating from specific places the world over and delivers them complete with location map and, as an added bonus, you can even chat and video chat with your fellow tweeters. You can browse tweets from your local neighborhood or concentrate on a specific city or any countries around the world. for IOS and Android is a free and easy to use browser-based and geolocation based Twitter client. The primary focus of the app ...  More for iOS & Android Apr 17th 2012

Pin all your social networking feeds in one place

Since the Pinterest phenomena began to take hold there has been a lot of interest in 'pinning' your photos and other stuff on pinboards to show to your friends and the whole wide world. Kulisha is a social application for your mobile where you can gather all your Facebook and Twitter feeds into one place giving you a better overview of your social networking state of affairs.   It seems that you have to just whisper the name Pinterest at the moment and people sit up and take notice. As a consequence, there are a lot of apps being released that tend to head in that general direction. ...  More

Kulisha Mar 25th 2012

Viagra for your tweets - when 140 characters just isn't enough

Some think the 140 character limit to your Twitter tweets is too many characters while there are others who want to pontificate until the cows come home. You can't please all the people all the time. Given some of the inane ramblings of some tweeters it is probably a blessing in disguise that there is a limit but sometimes you just can't get your story across in that small amount of words and that's where Twishort comes in handy. This Twitter and blog tool let's you get your message up with a link for your avid readers to follow to read the whole story.   Twishort is a service that ...  More

Twishort Feb 17th 2012

Clever social media monitoring for better ROI

Campalyst is a very clever social media monitoring application that analyzes trends and conversations from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's clever because it's monitoring analytics allow you to measure and increase your ROI in real terms rather than just counting the number of 'likes' you might get. Your 'likes' might well bolster your ego but, unless they result an increase in business or a better awareness of your product or event, they aren't going to do a lot for your bank balance.   Campalyst is a social media management suite of tools that help you turn interest into ...  More

Campalyst Feb 7th 2012

Employment and jobsearching on your social network

It makes total sense to utilize the outstanding coverage that Facebook delivers when advertising jobs. Let's face it, with the economic climate the way its, half of your potential job candidates are probably sitting on their butts at home using social networking sites whilst job searching. Jobcast is a social media monitoring application for jobs and employment that broadcasts jobs to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other job boards to find the top talent that's out there looking for work.  More Jan 23rd 2012

Cool photosharing for iphone

It seems to be the current fad to fiddle around with your photos and share them with your friends. When I say fiddle around I mean to warp them with colors and effects. Mind you, if I see one more green tinged photo using Hipstamatic I think I'm going to scream. PicYou is a new social photoshare application for iPhone that gives you lots of effects to play and warp your photos and share them with your friends and the big wide world on Facebook and Twitter.  More

PicYou iPhone App Jan 16th 2012

Social shopping deals

If you love shopping for great deals online then Bizspeaking could well be a social application you will want to have a good look at. With this deal app you can connect with fellow shoppers around the world and see the items they have bought and presented. Compare prices from all over the world and, might be cheaper to buy it from where they are rather than where you are. Then you can share your goodies via your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  More

Bizspeaking Jan 7th 2012

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