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Run Twitter Competitions

It's easy enough to set up a competition or a vote on your Twitter account. it's not quite so easy to gather up and analyze your data and return tweets  to judge the results. Interactwive is a contest and game tool for Twitter that gets you creating in seconds and analyzing the results as soon as they start to come in.     If you want to run a competition or a vote on Twitter but Interactwive gets you set up to go in seconds. It’s your contest, and you can set it up how you want. Just input the specifications for your competition - how long you want it to run ...  More

Interactwive Oct 17th 2011

Listen to the UK, US and iTunes music charts for free

To keep up with the current music scene you really have to know what's going on overseas as much as you do domestically. What's big in the US, UK and on the iTunes music charts is probably going to be the next big thing where you are too. MPlayr is an innovative music streamer that let's you hear exactly what is big in music all around the world. And it's completely free.     MPlayr is an internationally available music share streaming tool for popular music charts that you can easily share with your social networking sites. You can listen to the latest songs from the UK, ...  More

MPlayr Aug 18th 2011

scheduled tweets

If you manually update your tweets on specific holidays and special events over the year you will know what a pain it is. You feel such a fool when you forget one. eggtweeter is a Twitter tool that is truly an egg-timer for your tweets. If you have to send a time sensitive tweet or want to set up your greeting tweet for all the national holidays for the year - you can do it with eggtweeter.   eggtweeter is a scheduled tweet web app that currently is in a free open beta. It enables you to set up all your tweets now and publish them on the due date. Whether you are encouraging people to ...  More

eggtweeter Sep 13th 2011

RSS Atom XML feed to, or

Well it used to be called Pingvine but it's now known as PowerShell from PowerFM but that's beside the point. We'll call it Pingvine for convenience sake. It's a free service that takes an RSS feed from your website or blog and posts it on your Twitter account easily and error free.   PingVine is a free Twitter and RSS tool that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, or It does this with a simple drag and drop technique and manages to reduce any errors (human or otherwise) that normally seem to happen. This ...  More

Pingvine Jan 13th 2009

Connecting Heroes Everywhere

Now here's a social networking tool that takes the spirit of the community quite seriously. LocalHero is an iPhone tool that connects you with friends and local people who have the skills you may need to help you out in a crisis. Or maybe you are just looking for people around you who have similar interests to you. LocalHero can put you together with them too.   We live such busy lives these days that you can often overlook a friend who has a special skill. Maybe one is a might own a horse. Maybe you need someone to help you move house. LocalHero can put you in touch ...  More

Localhero Sep 20th 2011

Standout from the crowd.

A lot of people take their Twitter very seriously. It's their own little piece of cyberspace that they want to look it's best. Let's face it, your normal Twitter background isn't the most inspiring of places to go. If it was your home you would want to slap a bit of paint on it or maybe wallpaper the walls to make it look better. Custom Twitter Backgrounds let's you gives your Twitter look a facelift with over 200 new original designs. You can even order up your own customized background if you wish.   Custom Twitter Backgrounds is a Twitter design tool that offers free in-house ...  More

Custom Twitter Backgrounds Aug 24th 2011

Compare and share your Twitter activity with friends and competitors

So how's your popularity on Twitter? FusionTweet is the latest Twitter analysis that give you the means to see just how you stack up against your guineas competitors or political rivals, if it comes to that. It allows you to see, via a serious of detailed polls and graphs, just how well you are received by your adoring public.  More

FusionTweet Aug 16th 2011

Discover what people think!

If you ever want to poll your Twitter followers (and I can see the many reasons you would) then this is the application for you. Raiwitter is the simplest of free survey tools. It only has one use and that's to count the number of your followers who agree and disagree with your mind bending Twitter tweets.  More

RaiWitter Aug 15th 2011

Real Investors. Real Ideas. Real Time.

How refreshing it is to know that there is a social networking site out there carrying useful information rather than invites to friend’s events or photographs of their new kitten!  More

StockTwits is a great micro-blogging service that allows users to see how traders and investors are doing in the world’s financial markets, share in the successes and also contribute their own investment ideas for others to see.   More

StockTwits Nov 1st 2008

What Are You Watching?

Do you feel left out of the loop when your friends are discussing their favorite movies and tv shows.? Are you the one in the office who thought True Blood was a medical documentary? Well now you can unleash your inner movie geek with Sceneami.This movie app is your own personal online movie and tv show library that you can share with your friends and colleagues.Sceneami lets you keep in touch with what your friends are watching at the movies and on tv and you can share your own favorites with them too. Your top 10 favorites or the 10 worst, maybe? It's also a great little research tool. ...  More

Sceneami Aug 27th 2011

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