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It's probably the introduction of devices like smartphones and tablets that have brought about the likes of an app like Startific. iPhones and iPad have their apps lined up so neatly and precisely within the interface that we now realize how pleasant and efficient it is to have all our accessible information laid out at our fingertips via their colorful icons. Startific is a beautiful, functional and customizable startpage where you can import and organize all your most important links, bookmarks, icons and widgets so that they are now just a fingertip away from access.   Startific ...  More

Startific Jun 3rd 2013

CYBERAGE : Puzzle Platformer

CYBERAGE is a puzzle platformer , currently available on android devices. It features a unique ...  More

platform game indie

May 27th 2020

Idle Downloader

Idle Downloader is a unique incremental game that lets you upgrade and operate your own server ...  More

game upgrade android

Nov 25th 2018

Orb Absorb Game

Start each round in a barren black abyss. Once you begin moving enemies of all size will start ...  More

game upgrade strategy

Aug 9th 2018

WAF Updates

Stay updated about your favourite web frameworks. If there is an update from your favourite web ...  More

tools upgrade design

Dec 16th 2014


Pangoly is a free service that helps you picking the best hardware for your new PC, according to ...  More

building computer guide

Dec 21st 2013


In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone, and EasyGrouper leverages your existing devices to ...  More

address book android communication

May 8th 2013

Perfect Alarm Clock

Perfect Alarm Clock is the last alarm clock that you’ll ever need. The name speaks for itself. ...  More

alerts alpha design

Sep 27th 2012


ReadAndCall is a great new iPhone App (Utilities) that simplifies how you call and remember ...  More

iphone productivity upgrade

Feb 15th 2012

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