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A document manager to make your downloading so much easier

xDownload is a document management and file download application for iPhone from the people who brought us the fabulous OrganiDoc HD and, with that sort of pedigree, you automatically know that it is going to impress. Its a very powerful and easy to use set of tools that let's you grab and download pictures as well as audio and video files - or anything else from the web - and put it into a queue on your iPhone so it is ready for downloading when you have WiFi access.   If you are feeling a little hand-tied to Safari's rather clumsy ways when wanting to download files then xDownload ...  More

xDownload Apr 15th 2012

In this future, everybody will be famous for 30 seconds

It was Andy Warhol who said that in the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. Meriad doesn't offer quite that much time but it does offer you 30 seconds to record your thoughts for the rest of the world to see and hear. This free video microblogging social application for your mobile let's you capture moments in your life rather like a Twittering video diary where your friends and the rest of the world can get a glimpse into your world - 30 seconds at a time.   Meriad.co is a new social networking platform that enables you to be yourself and capture any moment of your life ...  More

Meriad Apr 4th 2012

A Pinteresting way of finding new music

One of the saddest things that has happened over the last few years has been the demise of the music store. Gone are the days when you could Wander down to the local record bar, have a chat to the guy behind the counter about his latest faves, listen to a few tunes and walk out with some great music. These days you have to do a lot more work to find some good new music. Sworly is a social music and video share application that could well be a way of making your music searching a little easier by giving you access to over 20 million songs and a very Pinteresting way of recommending new ...  More

Sworly Mar 31st 2012

Instagram for the moving image

We all seem to be so in love with photo warping apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic and it was really only a matter of time before a similar app was developed for the moving image. Of course, there is the staggeringly beautiful Cinemagraphs but the only problem there is that it takes so damned long to put a great image together. Flixel is a free photo and video share application for iPhone, iPad2 and iPod Touch that let's you 'live paint' your 'animations' quickly and turn them into pieces of art that will make your friends gasp just a little bit.   Flixel is a free application for ...  More

Flixel Mar 28th 2012

A video dictionary of words and phrases that could be the next Pinterest

Potential! Vifinition Video Dictionary has heaps of it. This video sharing application takes video crowdsourcing in a slightly different direction by redefining the way we perceive words and phrases in our search mechanisms. Rather than relying solely on our tried and tested methods of the search engine, Vifinition turns the video search on its head by relying on the urban dictionary concept of finding interesting videos and adds a great element of fun to it, too. If I said the word fiasco to you - how would you define it as a piece of video art?   Vifinition introduces a new ...  More

Vifinition Video Dictionary Mar 20th 2012

Take your audio and video files with you without syncing and copying

If you've ever wanted to find a way to play the audio and video files stored on your Mac or PC when you are off on a trip you will know what a pain it can be. Airplayit is a next-generation video and audio streaming application for smartphones that solves that problem without asking you to spend ages copying them from your computer for watching and sharing. It works in two parts. One part sits on your computer sharing your files on your hard drive or iTunes library while the other sits on your iPad or iPhone and allows you to play them.   Air Playit is a video streaming application ...  More

airplayit Mar 1st 2012

Share your pinteresting stuff socially

Pinterest could well be the next social networking site to take off - following nicely in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter. And the reason for that is that it is not only totally addictive but it's good too. This photo, video and memory share application is virtually pinboard for all the stuff that you love and want to share socially with others. Think of it as a virtual bookmarker that displays all the things you love in a beautiful interface and then let's you share it with your friends.   Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and social photosharing app that allows you to organize ...  More

Pinterest.com Feb 25th 2012

Where vocal talent meets casting agent.

Attention all you actors (and waiting staff, of course) and casting agents out there - this one is for you. Voices.com is a unique jobs and employment application for iPhone which presents a chance for voice talent to connect with casting agents and deliver audio and video representations of their work and vocal capabilities. Equally, it's a place for casting agents to listen to audio samples from all over the world to find exactly the right person for the job they have in mind.   Voices.com has designed an app to cater for both those hiring talent and voice talent who are promoting ...  More

Voices.com Feb 24th 2012

A music & video player with suggestions

There are times when your music collection just doesn't cut it anymore. There is little that inspires you and the radio isn't giving you the music you crave. MoreChoonz to the rescue! Here is a social music and video application for your iPhone or Android that gives you the latest recommendations of the best music from all over the world. Rather than limiting yourself to reading reviews from critics that you know little about, MoreChoonz provides suggestions that you can watch, hear and save as well as being able to create your own playlists and share your new faves to your favorite social ...  More

MoreChoonz Feb 12th 2012

The easiest free music player you'll every use

There are squillions of online music services available as free applications which are easy to use. Redolf Music is just one of them. The difference with this one though, is that Redolf has none of the overcomplicated bits and pieces that often come with music apps. With Redolf it's just a case of typing in the search box and choosing your song title. Then you can save it in a playlist and have it available later or whenever you want to play it again.  More

redolf music Jan 26th 2012

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