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Pythagorus' Theory should wake you up in the morning

There have been some weird and wacky digital alarm clock apps to  wake you up in the morning. Anyone remember the one that threatened to call a different contact in your address book every three minutes until you wake up or the one that donated $10 from your bank account to a charity that's NOT of your choice every time the snooze button gets hit. Quiz Alarm is a free alarm clock app that will wake you up pretty damned quick as it asks you a question when the alarm rings. Fail to get it right and your neighbors will be banging on your door pleading for you to answer it correctly. ...  More

Quiz Alarm Jul 30th 2012

Weather Football Forecasts for every fixture.

Another in the ultra reliable Latest Weather series is one which looks at Football (soccer to our American friends.) In case you are not familiar with this excellent company, Latest Football Weather is a sport weather tool that uses accurate weather forecasts for football stadiums around the world. Whether you are a going to watch a match at the stadium or live on the TV the weather will effect how you place your bets! LTW let's you see a full overview of the next 14 days weather. For each of those days you can also see detailed weather conditions on a 3-hourly basis.   While football ...  More

Latest Football Weather Oct 3rd 2011

Latest Cricket Weather Forecasts provides accurate cricket weather conditions for grounds and events

If eve there was a sport that relied on the weather it's cricket. Whereas with most sporting events the only thing you have to really worry about is whether you get wet or not but cricket that's another thing altogether. If it rains during the cricket they don't play - it's as simple of that. You've wasted time and money getting there. Latest Cricket Weather is another in the accurate and reliable Latest Weather apps series. Using accurate weather forecast feeds for every stadium around the world they have put together a website service where you can easily search for your club’s ...  More

Latest Cricket Weather Sep 26th 2011

Looking for the best fishing times and where to fish based on fishing weather forecasts?

The newest in the LatestWeather apps applies to your fishing needs. If you've seen any of the other Weather apps that this company puts together you'll know how good and reliable they are. So do you really need a weather forecast if you are just going fishing I wonder. Of course you do. Apart from anything else you'll want to know whether you'll need just your swimmers or an anorak. Latest Fishing Weather is a free sport weather tool that uses accurate weather forecast feeds for every fishery with a full overview of the next 14 days weather which is updated every 3 hours.   Latest ...  More

Latest Fishing Weather Sep 28th 2011

Latest Festival Weather Forecasts provides accurate long term weather forecasts for festivals.

Going to Rock Festivals can be an expensive business these days. Gone are the days when you could just rock up with your sleeping bag and a tent. These days you have to mortgage the house for a three day pass and you have to plan a long time ahead. So what if it's going to rain...or be blisteringly hot? LatestFestivalWeather is a travel event weather tool developed by festival goers who understand what weather information the modern festival-goer needs.   It's all about what to wear really, isn't it? That's assuming there isn't a tornado heading for the site, that is. But knowing the ...  More

Latest Festival Weather Sep 22nd 2011

Accurate race track weather conditions for motor racing

While this sport weather tool is designed to forecast weather conditions for motor race tracks all around the world it's more geared towards the betting person than the traveling one. But whether you watch live or on television and you take your betting seriously you're going to want to know the weather conditions at Melbourne as well as at Silverstone because it will definitely change the way you bet your money.  Latest Motor Sport Weather is designed by fans of motor sport and they know exactly what the racing enthusiast and the betting enthusiast need in a  sporting ...  More

Latest Motor Sport Weather Sep 15th 2011

Latest Marine Weather provides accurate offshore weather conditions for sea weather forecasts.

Boating can be a dangerous game. Whether you are out for a days fishing or off on a longer trip to warmer pastures you need all the weather information you can get. Latest Marine Weather is truly just what it says it is. This weather and travel tool offers weather forecasts for the next seven days and is updated every three hours   Latest Marine Weather was designed by experienced boating people who know exactly the information the modern boatsman needs in this modern day and age. There is so much information out there for the water traveler that it would be criminal and just ...  More

Latest Marine Weather Sep 15th 2011

A Golf Course Weather Forecast Service

Golf is hard enough to play without having to worry about the weather. When you fork out your hard cash for a round you really don't want to have to deal with rain or inclement conditions. You might even be planning your holiday around a golfing trip and need to know what the weather conditions are before planning your trip. Well, the aptly named weather tool called Latest Golf Weather is a useful pickup.  More

Latest Golf Weather Sep 4th 2011

A holiday weather forecast service providing accurate live holiday destination weather forecasts.

We've all come back from a holiday and realized that half the clothes we took with us weren't used. With the price of excess luggage on planes these days that can cost you money. If you knew the weather conditions beforehand you could have packed accordingly and saved yourself some money or had more room in your bags for that unique mankini for Uncle Ralph. Latest Holiday Weather is a comprehensive travel weather forecaster tool that will give you an accurate and detailed look at local conditions whether you are traveling in the US or overseas.  More

Latest Holiday Weather Sep 8th 2011


WeatherWorld app detects weather forecasts in your current location automatically. Get live ...  More

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