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Decorate your Google+ Hangouts with cool text and logos

While Google+ Hangouts has hardly taken over the world since its inception, the chances are that it's profile will increase somewhat when the iOS version is made available in the not too distant future. At the moment, this free video chat service with face to face and group chats of up to ten people,  can only be accessed by laptop, desktop and Android. HangoutMagix is a rather cool free graphics creator for your video chat that allows you to put up various graphics to decorate your window.   HangoutMagix is a completely free online graphics creator for Google+ Hangouts. While ...  More

HangoutMagix May 9th 2013

Is there anything this web design app can't do?

As our old friend Homer Simpson might say..."Is there anything Dev8ion Studio can't do?"  Dev8ion is a design and development application that's main aim is to optimize your website's potential and take it to its' maximum capacity. It does this by allowing starter developers as well as the more experienced ones to utilize the creative tools and applications available to enhance your site as well as letting you host discussions, collaborate on projects, help others while building your own social profile.  More

Dev8ion Studio Jan 19th 2012

Absurdly fast and easy online meetings- Free for everybody!

MeetingBurner's mission is to build a community of online meeting fanatics who want to change the world by making meeting easier, faster, and more efficient. They believe the world wastes billions of dollars per year in inefficient and ineffective meetings and are going to change that with this fast and simple online meeting platform. And it's totally free.  More

MeetingBurner Jun 21st 2011


Sales and marketing process through webinars is outdated. It brings significant resources loss. ...  More

saas automated webinar

Jun 9th 2020


MyOwnConference is webinar and video conferencing app. It provides video and audio mode, chat, ...  More

webinar video productivity

Sep 15th 2017


Webiners.com is a platform where anyone can publish and promote webinars, webcasts, workshops, ...  More


Apr 16th 2014


ClickMeeting is an online meetings, presentations, lectures and collaboration platform that ...  More

videonconferenze webinar

Oct 17th 2013


we show you the path where you can earn dollars. we offer ad clicking jobs, email reading ...  More

web design webinar

Dec 26th 2012


Zoomstra turns your sales kit into the ultimate action guide. Combine content from the web, ...  More

marketing trade webinar

Aug 17th 2012

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