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Automated seating plans for your special event in minutes

Ive seen enough Real Housewives to know that one of the toughest things about event planning is the organization of seating arrangements for your guests. There's always a few disgruntled characters who don't get what they want and ruffle a few feathers with your designated planner. Arrange My Seat was developed to take the pain out of seat arrangements for your special event, whether it be a graduation, a banquet or a wedding and creates a seating plan in minutes. Need to split your guest list into different categories or get some information about your guests dietary habits? No problem - ...  More Apr 26th 2012

Develop your web design and get meaningful feedback

AppSpyre is one of those project management applications that provides you with all the apparatus you will need to take your web based project or website to it's optimum level. It's a simple yet all-encompassing platform for start-up developers and web designers to share and collaborate,  get meaningful feedback and develop the skills you will need to oversee and enhance your project to the highest level.   The AppSpyre application and membership repository provides everything you'll need to get your web based project or website to its maximum capacity by giving you access to a ...  More

AppSpyre Mar 3rd 2012

Know if a tenant is good or bad

It used to be that confirming the quality and integrity of potential tenants was a lengthy and time consuming business. Over the years, things have improved enormously for landlords but to thoroughly check out the credentials of a tenant there were a number of hoops you still had to jump through in order to be totally sure. And with so many foreclosures out there you have far more tenants entering the market. Therrd is a one stop shop for all things connected to leasing your property with confidence.  More

The Rent Rite Directory Dec 11th 2011

Make the lawyers come to you..

If ever there was an aspect of business life more deserving of some sort of choice then it surely has to be in matters relating to the law. Good legal advice and help, whether it be in the drafting of business documents or even representation in a Court case is never going to be cheap but at least with a number of providers to choose from you can gain some sort of control. Legal River can provide that choice and in a simple process can have the issue you need resolving in front of a number of suitable lawyers.  More

Legal River Dec 5th 2011

Phone Lookup, Reverse Phone Lookup, Free Lookup

Don't you hate it when you get those phone calls around dinner time from some guy in India who says he's in the next town to you and wants to talk you into a new mobile plan? I find it very annoying when they just cut you off when you question them. Or maybe it's someone doing a prank call for Halloween and you want to get them back. So how do you find out the number of the person who called? EphoneReverse is pretty well what you think it is. It let's you see who just called you and if it's a company calling you can see if it really exists.     EphoneReverse is a reverse ...  More

EphoneReverse Sep 2nd 2011

The open movie database

We all know The International Movie Data Base (IMBb) and know it's reputation as the bee-all and end-all of movie related information on the Internet. What you mustn't do is get it mixed up with this movie directory tool called themoviedb (TMDb.) Whereas many think IMDB is a little cold but filled with information, TMDb is a film site totally controlled by movie fans like yourself. is a free and open movie database and is completely user driven by it's contributors - the general public. TMDb is currently used by millions of people every month and with a ...  More

TMDb Apr 24th 2010

Play Friv Popular Flash Games

Friv Games takes a novel approach to presenting it's games to you. The home page of the website is filled entirely with the 250 or so free online games that are on offer.   More


Friv Jun 19th 2008

Play Y8 Games Online for Free!

Take a look at Y8 Games and write a review....hmmm...  More


Y8 Games Aug 14th 2011

Wedding Planning Assistant

Wedding Planning tools uniting newlyweds-to-be and professional wedding planners. It allows ...  More

saas wedding invitation cards marketing

MyShaadi - Wedding Directory

MyShaadi is a digital wedding platform designed to help the busy wedding planner, ...  More

ios wedding planner directory

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