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Design you wedding seating chart online and share them with the people who need them the ...  More

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Posy event planning software helps Professionals & DIY-ers plan ...  More

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Registry Stop

A centralized wedding registry, that makes it easy for couples to register at an store. ...  More

wedding shopping tools

wedding so easy

A free wedding planner and budget website that will help you plan your special day.


wedding tools

Our Wedding Plus

Couples can easily create their own wedding website to keep their guest in the loop of all ...  More

wedding tools


Marrily lets you plan your wedding on the web and on your phone. You can track guests and ...  More

wedding tools

Marry Me Quickly

A new site that will marry people or pets online, it’s fun and can also be taken ...  More

wedding pet video

Every Single Shot

Collect all the wedding photos your guests take! Create an online album, upload your guest ...  More

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Best Man App

Writing and delivering a great best man speech is difficult. After all, you don’t want ...  More


DudeImGettingMarried is a social networking wedding website focused on providing men with ...  More

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