Wellness apps

Doc ready

Doc Ready helps young people to know what to expect during a GP consultation, and to think about ...  More

charity family health

Sep 3rd 2013


Designed to be your own personal trainer. Regardless of your level of fitness or gym experience ...  More

fitness health wellness

Jul 5th 2013

Baby Songs II

Baby Songs is your ultimate baby bedtime companion! Let your baby enjoy a full night's sleep ...  More

baby family kids

Jun 19th 2013

Ben Greenfield Fitness App

The #1 health and fitness authority Ben Greenfield delivers a combination of a podcast listening ...  More

fitness health podcast

May 31st 2013

UControl Weight

Introducing UControl Weight, a leap forward in the art of a healthy diet and lifestyle! Every ...  More

read fitness health

Apr 30th 2013

Workout Hero

Get ready to sculpt your body and lose that extra weight! Workout Hero features over 700 ...  More

wellness fitness health

Apr 21st 2013

Stop Drinking Using a Proven Effective Alternative to AA

Changing your drinking habits is easy now with the proven effective alternative to AA, Habit ...  More

health medical wellness

Mar 25th 2013


What vitamins should I take? Every day over one million people ask that question through search ...  More

fitness health wellness

Mar 8th 2013


Have you recently quit smoking, or been wanting to quit? Kwit is exactly what you need! Kwit ...  More

health ipad fitness

Mar 6th 2013


Let’s face it, cosmetic procedures are not for everyone, especially those who are not ...  More

analytics health wellness

Feb 27th 2013

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