Widget apps


Display Twitter timelines on your blog or website with this web widget. Customization is easy ...  More

twitter widget

Apr 15th 2010


Outbrain automatically places your best content at the foot of your article to guide your ...  More

widget share blog

Apr 9th 2010


OPENapps is a service platform for Website owners. It offers a quick and easy solution for ...  More

directory widget

Apr 6th 2010


Add Great Looking Customer Testimonials to Your Website, Fast and ...  More

feedback widget marketing

Mar 20th 2010

Cobalt Box

Cobalt Box is a platform which allows developers to create and deploy widgets ...  More

widget framework

Mar 20th 2010


Desktopify is the web platform for converting web widgets for the desktop. With Desktopify ...  More


Mar 9th 2010


Glydo’s content discovery technology finds focused, compelling information that fits what the ...  More

news widget

Mar 8th 2010

Payout Hub

Tired of relying on ad revenue? Want to increase time on site and earn more cash from your ...  More

game advertising widget

Feb 20th 2010


The likeZEBRA widget is a full functioning ringtone generator. Users can add likeZEBRA bands ...  More

music widget social

Feb 18th 2010


Smak.ly is a social news network, where bloggers share their content with the world through a ...  More

social widget news

Feb 17th 2010

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