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Fear is essential, but when it becomes unreasonably excessive or persistent it clouds our ...  More

productivity todolist widget

May 9th 2021


KONFIRMI gives app, website, and ecommerce store owners a simple way to automatically verify a ...  More

wordpress ecommerce widget

Aug 16th 2020


ChatFlow.io lets you connect with your website visitors easily using existing Messaging Apps ...  More

communicate chat widget

May 15th 2020

Wheel of Popups

Wheel of Popups is the best exit-intent popup for websites, with an average ~14% increase in ...  More

saas software wordpress

Jun 24th 2018


BossNote is your personal assistant in the Cloud available on iPhone, iPad and Web. Organize ...  More

audio apple watch alerts

Oct 24th 2015

Temporary Profiles

Temporary Profiles is a widget that lets you switch sound mode at given time. It's biggest ...  More

schedule widget

Jul 7th 2015


Thenmark is very useful Notification Center widget for those, who love to surf the web and ...  More

bookmarking browser extension website

May 12th 2015

DiNostalgia Widget

This app is inspired by the classic Dinkie Dino tamagotchi style keychain virtual pets from ...  More

pet android fun

May 8th 2015


Control your Plex Home Theatre from anywhere without unlocking your iPhone! Open notification ...  More

ios iphone widget

May 7th 2015

Wonder Widget

Wonder Widget lets you control key functions on your mobile and shows clock, battery and ...  More

widget android mobile

Apr 30th 2015

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