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MCPlayer HD

The ultimate UPnp/DLNA video streamer and player for iOS Bring back the enjoyment and ease to ...  More

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Media Center Video Player makes the procedure of watching your favorite movies, video files ...  More

home media movie


Arkuda Media Center is an UPnP multimedia software application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod ...  More

media movie music


Fastest way to share Photos, Apps,Videos, contacts and Music to any devices on any platform.The ...  More

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ExpressVPN is a safe, reliable and fast VPN service used by many around the world. They have ...  More

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My WiFi Free

"My WiFi Free" is a new app with the purpose to alert on Wi-Fi events and show you all the ...  More

android wifi


As an iPhone wifi transfer app, AllTrans works to transfer photos, music, videos, PDF files and ...  More

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Here’s just a few of the great things you will get: 802.1x Cloud-Based ...  More

network security cloud


SelfieTime is new iOS app that connects two devices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and allows to ...  More

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Instap.io enables you to manage your WiFi network’s users through unique username/passwords ...  More

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