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Add some Wiki to your travel guide

The Wikimedia Foundation have built a reputation over the last twelve years as being an excellent interactive reference for everything from Civil War battles to reality TV shows. The whole idea of Wiki being to allow everybody and everybody to input information into the system. Every year of their existence the Foundation have released a new project and Wikivoyage becomes the 12th official Wikimedia project. It's a free, worldwide, online travel guide and, like Wikipedia and its sister projects, Wikivoyage is free to edit, free of ads and is built collaboratively by volunteers from around ...  More

Wikivoyage Jan 20th 2013

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese animation

No, Anime Doctor isn't a virtual medical app where you can submit your ailments for online appraisal nor is it the home of an online vet. For the uninitiated, Anime began as a Japanese art form from the early part of the 20th Century. However, since the 1960's it has become one of the fastest moving and most influential art movements of our time. Anime, and the  Manga magazines that put it on the street, reflects populist art and design that has not only inspired much of Disney's recent work but often gives an insight into Japanese society that is hidden from other media forms. Anime ...  More

Anime Doctor Sep 23rd 2012

A search engine for new slang terms

I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's excellent No Reservations show a few years ago and, whilst drinking and eating with locals in the mountains somewhere in Asia, Bourdain holds up his glass and shouts "Damn Skippy!" Why would a native New Yorker like him be uttering a phrase that is so obviously Australian and yet I'd never heard it before? Well, So Slang is a search engine where you can get that information. Its an easy to use free urban slang wiki dictionary where you can your own meaning to the millions of slang words featured.   So Slang is an un-complicated online ...  More

So Slang Feb 28th 2012

Helping small business keep a tab on ideas

It's all very well if you have a large company with the funds to have designated people to notate ideas and log everything that goes on within your business walls but it's not so easy if you are a small business with only a few of you doing all the work. Neutrino is a wiki share business tool that organizes and helps the small to medium sized business keep a tab on ideas and important information so none of your concept go amiss and enable you to never forget why an idea came about in the first place.   What sets a successful business apart from its competitors is quite often the ...  More

Neutrino Feb 21st 2012

Investing Wiki with Research about Companies

Built for investors by investors is how this site describes itself and there’s no doubt that the content, quality and functions are very impressive having picked up several awards.   More

The site can work for you in more ways than one. As a source of knowledge about all that makes up the financial markets it is very comprehensive with analysis and articles on quoted companies, commodities, currencies, exchanges and indices to name just a few. There is even a money school with guides on investing and personal finance.  More

Wikinvest Aug 9th 2007

Create Your Corporate Portal in the Cloud

Teamlab is a full-featured and simple to use project management, collaboration, and online document editing tool that you just have to see to believe.    More

When you sign up (a painless and extremely easy process), a password is sent to you along with a link to your portal.  More

TeamLab Jul 16th 2010


Scrapbox lets you create, discuss, and learn together in one self-organizing space. It ...  More

note-taking team wiki

May 18th 2017


Minipedia is a recently released app for Android that lets you access Wikipedia offline right ...  More

android wiki wikipedia

Dec 20th 2014


Wibe is a chrome extension that combine Wikipedia and YouTube. Wibe integrates relevant YouTube ...  More

chrome wiki wikipedia

Jul 21st 2014


Gamewise is a massive video game database and knowledge sharing tool. Its aim is to give gamers ...  More

database facebook game

Jan 23rd 2013

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