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Track life experiences in your social network

It seems that the jury is still out on Facebook's new Timeline presentation. Most people seem to like the way it draws a line through your life and presents your information in chronological order. UsualWords is a social share application that not only displays and shares your life events but allows others to connect and follow you and react and comment on your trends. And herein lies UsualWords' interesting underlying social experience. By aiming to track all of life's experiences the chance beckons to pass on knowledge and experience to your followers leading to a much more philanthropic ...  More

UsualWords Mar 9th 2012

Freelancer writers, right the write and cut out the middleman!

As a freelancer myself, especially in the early days, I certainly paid my dues to enough "content agencies" to know where the larger slice of the pie ends up. Content Spree, on the face of it at least, appears to have added some welcome transparency to the process. On top of that writers who sign up and the businesses they write for get to communicate rather than leaving the management of a project to the guy in the middle.  It’s not all free of course but writers will at least know how much a potential employer is offering before Mr Ten Per Cent takes his cut rather than just ...  More

Content Spree Feb 20th 2012

Is there anything this web design app can't do?

As our old friend Homer Simpson might say..."Is there anything Dev8ion Studio can't do?"  Dev8ion is a design and development application that's main aim is to optimize your website's potential and take it to its' maximum capacity. It does this by allowing starter developers as well as the more experienced ones to utilize the creative tools and applications available to enhance your site as well as letting you host discussions, collaborate on projects, help others while building your own social profile.  More

Dev8ion Studio Jan 19th 2012

Cyber fridge...

Sorry for the pun but I’m afraid this  one leaves me a bit cold (Ed - there goes another rib...).  What’s funny is that a lot of apps promote their ability to help you cut down on clutter such as scraps of paper and Post-It notes whereas this one actively encourages you to recreate the same squalid looking mess  on your PC rather than stuck to your fridge door. If you’re a Facebook user you can create an account and set up your own efridge and what’s more you can post notes on any Facebook user’s efridge. Just why you’d want to ...  More

efridge Jan 16th 2012

Writers - condemn the cuttings to the cutting room floor and get organized

Hold the front page! All you writers out there who rely on research and interviews to help you create that article or even longer piece of work will know what a grind it is getting all of it together. Getting it all together is one thing. Keeping it all together and putting it in a workable order is another but this one just might make your life a whole lot easier. I know, I’ve been there. You have a file for newspaper and magazine cuttings, you copy and paste useful web content onto a Word document (or print it out and file it with the cuttings) and you have a drawer full ...  More

Shelfster Jan 15th 2012

Plagiarism-free research papers for students

The pressure is on for students more and more these days. Finding a job can be a daunting experience after university or college and the highest academic results are sometimes tantamount to bettering another opponent. It's vital to get the best scores for your work and research is one of the best ways of achieving great results. So when you are looking for research material it is important to find a reliable source. Professays is a very reliable and accurate research tool that can deliver essays, research papers, term papers and dissertations for all your scholarly needs.  More

Professays Dec 22nd 2011

Publish your own book

I remember as a kid writing long stories with a fountain pen, adding a few drawings and then binding all the sheets of paper together in brown parcel paper tied down the middle with wool. I was an author at eight years old and nobody was going to tell me any different! It’s funny but I never sold any copies but my mother still has them in a box somewhere and they come out now and again when the subject of me writing for a living comes up, bless!  More

Tikatok Dec 10th 2011

Look at all your achievements!

If you’re thinking about throwing yourself from a high bridge with your ankles tied to a bungee rope then make sure you get it caught on camera. The same applies if you’re skydiving for charity or doing anything that constitutes an achievement in your life.   More

In fact an achievement doesn’t have to involve a white knuckle activity at all and this website is open for anyone to share an achievement with other users and along the way perhaps provide some inspiration and motivation.  More

Groovor Jul 13th 2011

animate your words with your video

Vizlingo is a fun and funny video design tool that can add a little personalized zip to your messages or posts. It let's you translate your words into a totally original video illustration to amaze and impress your friends. With Vizlingo you can either use one of the thousands of default images or upload your own for that really cool writing and messaging experience.   Vizlingo animates your words with video by translating each word of a message or post with a user-generated video clip adding expression, emotion and personalization to your messaging experience. You can submit your own ...  More

Vizlingo Nov 4th 2011

It takes fonts to have the best design

 It's funny but I was just saying the other day that I haven't seen too many font apps lately and here is a beauty. Whilst most office applications that probably came with your computer have a heap of default fonts installed. There's a couple of problems there though. Quite often, you can't actually see what the typeface looks like until you have it in your document. Secondly, there aren't those really cool and unusual fonts available to make your presentation something special. FontIneed has solved both those problems in one by having 50,000 fonts available including many ...  More

FontIneed Oct 26th 2011

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