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Save it, track it, treat it

I may be a little too cynical to provide an objective review of this application and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I don’t consider stress to be a serious issue because I do. What I am finding difficult is in trying to work out what angle it’s coming from. Is it trying to put some "fun" into stress, which is an oxymoron of gargantuan proportions, or is it to be taken as a serious aid to reducing the condition?  More

StressPile Jul 13th 2011

Online Notes Services - Fast . Easy . Short

This site is obviously still in the development stage as 80% of the functions are still "coming soon". Either that or the cash has run out and finding more is proving difficult. I must say if I’d been asked to consider funding it I would have probably politely declined. Let’s consider the ground breaking capability of the app. Firstly it’s a note taking system that allows you to" take notes quickly and browse your archive".  More

Notes.io Jun 23rd 2011

online resume builder with free resume templates

The art of resume writing has vexed people for a long time due to the changing nature of tastes. In today’s fast moving world hirers are more likely to want a snappy one pager than reams of paper resembling a biography.    More

Sites like this one can be very useful especially if you’re applying for your first job or perhaps looking to move on after years in the same post. If you fall into the latter category then your old resume will definitely be in need of a facelift.   More

Interactive Resume Builder Jun 20th 2011

Let the Answers Find You

If you run a news or blog site, or indeed if you run several of them, NewsCurve is likely to be something of real interest to you. Some of the guys contributing to your site might not think so but hey that’s their problem.  More

What you’ll get with this site is a real editor’s friend and what the story writers will probably consider to be an unwelcome spy in the camp. Whatever way you look at it you’ll know very quickly which of them is pulling in the readers and which ones need to sharpen their pencils. For all authors you can get seven and 30 day reports showing exactly how busy they’ve been and if their efforts are bearing fruit.   More

Newscurve Apr 13th 2011

An economy of words

If you’re a bit of a wordsmith and fancy the challenge of writing a haiku then this website is a place where you can have a bit of fun and share your efforts with all the others trying to squeeze their creative juices into 17 syllables.   More

They now have an iPhone version too so you can get your inspiration down even when you’re on the move.   More

Haikyu for iPhone Jan 10th 2011

The best way to collect, curate and publish content about your favorite topics, even in group.

This one looks promising and will certainly help anyone researching a subject on the internet. Say goodbye to the days of copy and paste and get everything organized under topic headings and set out in a great looking magazine format.   More

It’s a simple app to set up and all you have to do is enter a user name and password and copy the Searcheeze bookmarklet to your favourites. When you are browsing a website and want to save some content just launch the application from your favourites and a box appears to the right of the screen. Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping text and pictures plus audio and video clips straight into it.   More

Searcheeze Oct 28th 2011

This Is The History of Your Life

It probably won't be until later on  in your life that you will wish you had taken part in this. But I'll tell you about it anyway. Histofme is a writing share site where you can chronicle every single event in your life. Now imagine how cool it would have been if you had started this as a little kid and you can look back on it now. I know what you're thinking already. Histofme is like keeping a diary of your life in the 21st Century and you'll never need a pen.     Histofme is a site where you can write and share the chronicles of your life. You can record anything ...  More

Histofme Oct 28th 2011

The easiest way to say, Thank You.

This is a simple little app and probably one that parents could encourage their children to use as it would be a fun way for them to send all of those birthday and Christmas present thank you notes.  More

By signing up you can just click create and be taken to a page to write your note which will be written in a handwritten style making it look more personal even though it’s being sent electronically. You can change the style of background however and as you’ve already entered your name to set the account up it will automatically sign off with it.  More

Thankuz Aug 2nd 2011

you complete me

There is no use in denying it, we’ve all been there. I’m sure all children no matter where they come from are guilty of the same secret pleasure when confronted with their first dictionary and a quiet adult-less corner. That’s right, naughty words!   More

I confess I gave this app a go in the naughty word department and it didn’t disappoint. Far from it and I wondered if DH Lawrence had taken a crafty trip in the Tardis to the 21st century and punched in a few lines that were giving him some sleepless nights.  More

phraseup* Apr 20th 2011

First Web-based Book Proposal Software

If you’ve finally written that book then congratulations, you’ve done the really hard work. The baby you’ve been nurturing for months however now needs to see the light of day and for that you’re going to need a publisher.   More

BP Wiz is not a publisher but it can certainly help you find one in a professional manner and in the way the industry expects. It could also save you a lot of time and paper by stopping you using the scatter gun approach and firing off manuscripts to all and sundry when half of them might not even deal in the type of book that you lovingly put your heart into. Those rejection letters can be soul destroying.  More

BP Wiz Apr 7th 2011

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