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You mail it, we post it

If you run a business but are still unconvinced about the merits of email marketing then no doubt you’re still posting a lot of letters? You will probably have a stationery cupboard full of paper and envelopes plus a folding machine as well.   More

Postal Shout could help you out in a big way if you want to get the actual printing, folding and posting of hard copy letters outsourced and it does it in a simple to follow way.   More

Postalshout Mar 13th 2011

World's most accurate grammar checker

Here’s a tool that goes a bit further than the spellchecker on your PC and I wonder how many times the guys who developed it put their own website copy through it? It would be mighty embarrassing to have a grammar howler right in the middle of a piece of text extolling the virtues of a grammar checker but it would be mighty funny too!   More

Grammarly Jan 31st 2011

Sum up your day in 280 characters.

If you ever kept a diary as a small child then you’ll know what fun it is and what great memories it unleashes when you stumble on it years down the line. A diary can also be an immense source of pleasure for generations of your family to come and an invaluable source of local everyday social history.  More

280daily Jan 15th 2011

Your Creative Writing Community

There is only one emotion that beats love as the subject responsible for turning the ordinary person in the street into a poet and that’s jealousy. The creative angst that pours from anyone who’s been wronged in matters of the heart could probably fill the libraries of the world and this site has its fair share of it.   More

Litsay Jan 4th 2011

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal

I can certainly agree with some of the sentiments expressed by this site about the power of writing down your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you intend to share them around or keep them totally private it is always a cathartic experience. I’m not sure about it boosting your immune system though but as I write for a living I really hope it’s true!  More

Penzu Jun 26th 2011

Send notes that will self-destruct after being read

This is an interesting one and if you can get yourself comfortable with the site’s privacy promises then feel free to join the James Bond club.   More

I’m really not sure how many people would go to the bother of sending a self-destructing message. On top of that, and even despite the privacy promises, if something was that secret then entrusting it to a third party website is not very MI5 or CIA.  More

Privnote Jun 26th 2011

The Clipboard in the Cloud

Sometimes you just have to have a piece of paper to write something important down. You don't always have one though, do you? You end up writing it on the side of the newspaper (if you still buy one of those rags) and then tend to lose it anyway. This is always assuming that you have a pen on you too. Pen Paste is an organize writing tool the allows you to save a note up into the clouds while having access to it wherever there is an Internet connection.     Pen Paste is the fastest way to quickly save text into the cloud so it is accessible anywhere. Pen Paste is a ...  More

Pen Paste Oct 11th 2011

Create, publish, earn

Writing can be a lonely occupation especially when you do it on a freelance basis and from the confines of your home office. The old ego needs massaging occasionally too but that requires seeking out like-minded people who will read your work and give appropriate feedback.   More

Triond is one of an increasing number of writer sites that give a platform for up and coming journalists to hone their skills. It doesn’t just stop at writing either. If your creative flair leans towards photography or maybe even musical composition then there is room for you to showcase your work on this site.  More

Triond Sep 4th 2007

Explore Lenses

Here’s a writing site that follows similar lines to others in that contributors can earn royalties from a share of the associated advertising revenue. There is a slight difference to Squidoo however in that writers, or lensmasters to give them their proper title, are pretty much encouraged to donate any proceeds to a worthy cause.  More

Squidoo Jun 19th 2007

Where Your Content Flourishes

There are a number of sites around giving budding writers the opportunity to get published on the web and earn a few royalties in return. This one invites photographers as well and the window to the world for accepted work of either category is via AOL’s 80 or so websites covering topics such as music, TV, tech, finance and many more.  More

Seed Jan 31st 2010

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