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Launched with the support of a number of celebrity endorsements, including one from Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Unbound is a publishing house that uses crowdfunding to get the books on the shelves that people want to read.   More

Due to the large amount of celebrity biographies and TV show follow-ons currently getting prime position in the bookshops there is an obvious niche for someone to come to the rescue of original writers struggling to get their ideas accepted.  More

Unbound Jun 25th 2011

Chirr App

Chirr App is a text editor for turning long blog posts into Twitter threads. Our tool does a ...  More

saas social journalist


Meet - HelloScribe the AI-powered writing sidekick that helps you write press releases, op-eds, ...  More

writing artificial intelligence machine learning


Create human-quality blog posts, college essays, news, press releases, and more in seconds. ...  More

artificial intelligence copywriting content marketing

Letter to Yourself

Far too often, we forget what was once most important to us. We lose the moments we swore to ...  More

mailing writing mentalhealth

Clearful Journal

Clearful is a private digital journal that helps you rise above the ups and downs of everyday ...  More

app ios journal

Bibliography.com - Bibliography Generator

ibliography.com is a free, easy-to-use multi-platform bibliography and citation generator that ...  More

learn citation reference


Bhooks is a website that offers help to writers in their daily lives: - Making your story ...  More

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The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory helps writers achieve their dreams. Get 20% off the Online version with the ...  More

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Branding Compass

Branding Compass is like to working with a branding firm, but for a fraction of the time and ...  More

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